DAY one of the Easter holidays, I thought I might get a lie-in, after all there is no homeschooling to get done, no work either, pitifully no social-life and of upmost concern almost no wine left.

Children are so unpredictable, they could have had a lie-in till mid-day and for once I wouldn’t have told them off, but no, my two kids were wide awake at the crack of dawn.

Ironic really when it’s mission impossible to get them out of bed on school days.

Weekends and holidays, the excitement of not having to get up early, sees them up bright and early and through the morning with a boundless energy that I personally find exhausting.

But what really concerns me is that hubby has taken to either making pancakes or rustling up a full English breakfast every morning, and my kids are becoming accustomed to a standard I am quite frankly not prepared to maintain once he returns to the day job.

Furthermore, I’m feeling totally unproductive. All those life-gurus out there saying that now is the time to learn a new language, write a book. Because writing a book is SO EASY generally, never mind in the midst of a global pandemic with the kids (and hubby) home 24/7.

DIARY: Writing a diary is as productive as Mamma will get, as well as rationing out toilet paper successfully.

Personally, just remembering what day of the week it is and rationing out toilet paper successfully is as proficient as I’ll get. I’m fairly certain I won’t be attempting any new languages or writing a book.

In fact, with two young kids in the house, I consider it a success just to have an uninterrupted 20 minutes in the bathroom with the door closed.

The excitement of not going to school has also interfered with my children’s bedtime.

It’s like ‘bedtime’ is a new concept that I invent EVERY night as it’s always met by looks of astonishment from my two kids, as if to say: “What do you mean?”

And more often than not, I’m the one fast asleep way before they are…

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