FOR the first time since data on the coronavirus pandemic became available, the total number of patients cured in Andalucia, 665, exceeds the number of deaths, 470, according to official data as of April 5.

As of yesterday there were a total of 8,301 people affected by coronavirus in the region.

Andalucia saw more than 200 people recover between Saturday and Sunday.

The total number of people who have required hospitalisation in Andalucia is 4,107, of which 474 have passed through the Andalucian ICUs.

As reported on Sunday, 674 deaths were confirmed in Spain in the lowest figure since March 26.

Coronavirus 1
The curve of cases in Andalucia continues to fall and stands at 5.20%.

Thus, the trend continues to decline, Sunday being the third consecutive day with a reduction in the number of deaths, which reached its peak on Thursday, April 2, with 950 deaths.

The decline in deaths recorded both in Andalucia and Spain comes following the government’s announcement of an extended the lockdown, until at least April 26.

It is hoped that after such a date, rules may be loosened, however any lifting of the lockdown will be done gradually.

Despite the slight improvement in recent data, Spain’s director of health emergencies Fernando Simon, maintains that the country is still in a very delicate state and it’s vital that restrictions are still maintained in order to prevent a second spike.

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