MURCIA’S regional health services, the SMS, took delivery of 43,000 new rapid Coronavirus testing kits on Sunday.

As a priority, three groups of people will immediately be tested, including healthcare staff and residents & staff at care homes for the elderly.

The third group to be tested immediately are those already having symptoms of the Covid-19 virus.

Manuel Villegas
PRIORITIES: Manuel Villegas

Those people, roughly 18,000 in number, have been monitored via telephone links by healthcare professionals daily, as traditional face-to-face methods are considered time-consuming and costly.

Murcia’s Minister for Health, Manuel Villegas, explained that these tests don’t detect the virus itself, but the antibodies produced by our immune system.

Additionally, 1600 Murcian people will take part in a nationwide sample testing program to determine how accurate testing has been.

If the proposed figure of 5% of the population falling victim to the virus is correct, that means 2.5 million people will have caught Covid-19 in Spain, according to MurciaToday.

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