WATCH: British boy, 5, receives heartwarming happy birthday surprise from police during Spain’s coronavirus lockdown


THIS is the moment police in Spain arranged a heartwarming happy birthday message for a British boy amid the coronavirus lockdown. 

Three police vehicles can be seen sounding their sirens and coming to halt below the balcony of Jack Gore, who turned five yesterday. 

“Hello Jack!” a policewoman shouts up as his parents film the special moment, “Congratulations!” 

Several other officers leave the cars and police van and begin clapping as the Spanish version of Happy Birthday begins blaring from the vehicles. 

Other neighbours can be seen and heard joining in on the clapping. 

“He loved it,” mum Samantha Gore Hofman told the Olive Press, “They even spoke in English despite Jack being born here, it was very sweet.” 

Police in Sant Pere de Ribes, Catalunya, had reportedly put out a message on social media the day before to ask people if they had any children under 10 with birthdays coming up. 

“I think he might have been the first one,” explained Samantha, “I rang them to let them know where we lived.” 


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