THIS is the moment ‘fake’ Guardia Civil officers robbed €50,000 worth of cannabis in Andalucia.

Armed with ‘large guns’ the group of hooded men rocked up outside Jerez in cars with covered number plates and sirens blaring.

The footage, handed to the Olive Press shows how they ransacked a garage full of weed in the town of La Barca de Florida.

Videos reveal that the group smashed in the garage doors, before fleeing, leaving marijuana buds littered across the driveway.

Residents have been left shocked by the incident, which is believed to have taken place last Sunday at around 22:30pm.

Local news site reported that the crime was what is known as an ‘overturning’, in which one gang steals another’s drugs.

Guardia Civil and Policia Nacional units were scrambled to the scene, but the gang had already made their getaway by the time officers had arrived.

The crime comes at a time when Spanish law enforcement is already stretched, through policing the nationwide coronavirus lockdown.

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