TORREVIEJA magistrates have expelled the man that boasted of travelling from Madrid to spread Coronavirus throughout the city.

The order prohibits Antonio BD from, “residing or going to the municipality during the investigation of this case.”

Guardia Civil first arrested the 62-year-old on Thursday, March 8, after he posted a vile video online insulting the people of Torrevieja, claiming he was a carrier of the virus and would infect the city’s Mercadona, and other shops.

Authorities accused him of a hate crime, with Police Command assuring the public that the man’s claims were false.

Madridian Caught 2
ARRESTED: For hate crimes

In reality, he has lived in Torrevieja since the new year, but the expulsion means he is no longer allowed within the boundaries of the coastal city until investigations are over.

Once summoned, the understanding is that he appears in any court other than Torrevieja.

Additionally, his passport has been taken away, meaning he cannot leave the country.

It is reported that he said, “It was all a joke and I am very sorry,” at his arrest, following publication of his video (below).

KICKED OUT: Even the 62-year-old’s trial will be out of town

The clip in question has the man directing vulgar insults at the people of Torrevieja, claiming that he and the other “4,000 people” that had just arrived from Madrid would, “F*** Torrevieja up the ***.”

He admitted his plan was to, “take the coronavirus to the city,” and “starve” citizens by infecting supermarkets.

The move to banish the man from the city is considered, equally, for his own safety as that of local people.

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