A MAN in his 90s has argued he should be allowed to break lockdown rules because he’s the only inhabitant in a small hamlet in Castilla y León.

Vidal Martinez lives with his dog Pinta and his four donkeys in the hamlet of Fuentes de Agreda in the province of Soria.

Since the coronavirus crisis began, he is the only resident to have stayed behind.

He argues that therefore he should be allowed to go about his daily life as normal, as there isn’t a way he could catch the virus.

“How am I going to get infected if I am alone,” said the pensioner to Diario de Castilla y Leon.

The man continues to spend his day tending to his fruit trees and looking after his animals, with two of his donkeys currently being pregnant.

Guardia Civil agents visit him every so often, bringing him certain essentials, such as face masks.

Fuentes de Agreda is located between two slightly larger towns, Agreda and Olvega, both with around 3,000 inhabitants, and that is where Vidal goes to buy any essentials he may need, which according to him is very rare.

“I hardly need anything, here I have everything.

“I have heating, a big garden, trees with all kinds of fruits and I also grow potatoes, I don’t lack anything.”

A reason for which he does have to travel however, is to go do his laundry, as his washing machine stopped working recently.

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