ORIHUELA Policia Local have produced two activity books to help stimulate the minds of children during lock-down.

The books are aimed at children aged between four and 10-years-old, and consist of a compendium of training activities, hobbies and information on the Coronavirus.

Policia Local Orihuela Police
PROTECT AND SERVE: Orihuela Local Police

Titled, “Congratulations, you have been named Miniagent,” and, “Happy Birthday” aims to educate younger ones about confinement, and also improve their knowledge of the police.

Aware of the social-distancing rules, it was decided that the literature should not take physical form, where distribution could spread Covid-19.

Local police officer, Rubén Selma, said that, “the books are available through the municipal website so that you can download to print.”

Olive Press readers can download both books here: http://www.orihuela.es/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/mini-agente-redes-sociales-1.pdf

Orihuela Local Police have also invited children to send photos of their completed work from the cards via email to policialocal@orihuela.es or through their social networks.


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