SANDRA Barneda has been fined for breaking lockdown rules while walking her dog and for then clashing with the police.

The journalist would often be seen out and about in Madrid walking her dog, as it’s one of the reasons people are allowed to leave their houses.

According to Lecturas however, a couple of days ago she was stopped by police while walking her dog and asked for her papers.

The officers then proceeded to fine her for being too far away from her home as walks are only allowed to be in close vicinity of one’s residence and for a short period of time.

The 44-year-old then became angry with the officers and started an altercation, resulting in an even larger fine that could reach up to €3,000, for contempt of authority.

The pet dog, a Jack Russel, is shared between her and her partner, Nagore Robles, but they are spending lockdown separately, so Barneda is the one responsible for the dog.

The pair broke up last summer but recently have rekindled their relationship.

Barneda has not yet made a comment about her altercation with the police.

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