A BRITISH pub on the Costa del Sol has had to throw out €6,300 worth of beer due to the state of emergency.

The Victoria and Albert in Estepona has been running for two years, but has now been forced to throw out roughly 2,100 pints of prime quality beer.

The pub is owned by husband and wife, Matt and Natalie Earnshaw originally from Newcastle and employs two members of staff.

“We moved from Dubai to the Costa del Sol to live a different sort of life and open this pub,” Natalie told the Olive Press.

“We love life out here and we love our pub.

“But we’re now going to make a massive loss because of coronavirus.”

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Most bars and pubs tend to get their beer by the barrel, which usually includes 90 pints per barrel.

The couple, both 41, have however opted for a better tasting and greener option, instead getting two big tanks every 45 days from their supplier in Malaga.

These tanks can hold up to 1,200 litres of the alcoholic beverage.

They’ve chosen to do this because the beer from these tanks tends to be of a more premium quality and less gassy.

Unfortunately for them however, in this case it has backfired.

The beer goes off after 45 days and the couple are faced with either drinking the 2,000 pints, or throwing them out.

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