A DAD has been arrested after dumping his son on the side of a motorway to divert police and flee a roadblock.

The 36-year-old father abandoned his child on the hard shoulder of the A-44 in Granada after nearly hitting a Guardia Civil officer.

Police held the reckless parent for two ‘crimes against road safety’ – dangerous driving and driving without a license.

He also faces two other charges – the neglect of a child and disobeying a police officer.

The original incident took place on the afternoon of March 19 when the suspect failed to stop for a Guardia traffic patrol at kilometre 121 of the A-44.

One officer was forced to jump out of the way as the man sped through the COVID-19 roadblock in the municipality of Peligros.

The driver then pulled up on the hard shoulder, where he forced his son to leave the car, before speeding off.

The bizarre stunt allowed the man to shake off the Guardia Civil officers, who were obligated to help the child.

But a probe launched by the Guardia’s Traffic Crime Investigation Group eventually led to the driver being tracked down.

Investigators first identified the suspect and then staked out his home for several weeks.

Upon his arrest it was discovered that the reason the man fled was because he didn’t have a driving license and had never obtained one.

The Prosecutor’s Office for Minors in Granada has been instructed about to assist the child.

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