A WOMAN in Galicia that was stopped by the police told them she was going to her mother’s funeral, even though her mother had passed away more than six weeks earlier.

The event took place at a police control on the A-54 motorway, which connects Santiago de Compostela with Lugo.

The Guardia Civil from the Galician capital stopped the woman and asked why she wasn’t at home and then let her pass when she told them she was attending her mother’s funeral.

They allowed her to pass but took down some details in order to check whether her story was true.

They decided it was best not to hold her at the checkpoint in case her story was in fact true and needed to go bury her mother.

However, when the officers looked up the woman’s details afterwards, they realised her mother hand in fact died over a month and a half ago and that the funeral had already happened.

The mother had actually died on March 10, four days before the state of emergency was declared.

The agents have now proceeded to file a denuncia against her.

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