POLITICIANS from all sides have questioned why the popular street markets in Costa Blanca’s Vega Baja region cannot reopen.

Since the pandemic broke, Cox mayor, Antonio Bernabéu, has claimed that they, “can operate under the same security measures as a supermarket.”

Orihuela Medieval Market 11
HUGE VARIETY: Orihuela Market

Plans for his own town are cautious, “For the return of the markets, security must be guaranteed, so we propose keeping stations more than two meters apart and the provision of gloves, masks and hand gels.”

Orihuela is taking an even more cautious approach to the reintroduction of street trading.

The region’s mayor, Víctor Bernabéu, insists, “the total number of cases of COVID-19 to date is unknown, therefore, given the lack of information from the Ministry of Health, we have requested more information before making a decision.”

However, Carlos Bernabé, of opposition party Cambiemos Orihuela, insists, “we do not understand why supermarkets open with no problem, but (street) markets are not allowed when the premises can be controlled.”

Colors Market
HUGELY POPULAR: Street markets of the Costa Blanca

Despite contradicting reports from the city’s Department of Markets and Local Police, Torrevieja will not open it’s markets this week.

The council reported, “security conditions are not in place for their imminent opening,” but they have been working on a resolution for La Mata market to open in the next week.

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