28 Apr, 2020 @ 13:12
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Second surge in Covid-19 cases feared as Costa Blanca medics ‘saddened’ by quarantine breaches

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MEDICAL EXPERTS across the Costa Blanca have stated that six weeks of quarantine may have been wasted if people do not adhere to social distancing rules.

Mar  A   Ngeles Medina Confirmed

President of the Valencian Society for Family and Community Medicine, María Ángeles Medina, stated yesterday that, “we fear a pick up of cases again and, to lower our guard, this is a return to the start.”

Dr. Antonio Redondo, a paediatrician of the Vithas Medimar Hospital in Alicante, admits that, “If we continue like this, the effort of being held for six weeks is not going to do any good.”

Antonio Redondo
DR ANTONIO REDONDO: Effort “no good”

Indeed, the head of the Paediatrics service at the General University Hospital of Elche, José Pastor, maintains that, “children are a very important factor in the spread of viruses and, although they do not suffer serious symptoms, they can infect adults.”

“Hence, social distancing between children is essential,” he clarified.

Despite a rather inclement Monday limiting outdoor pursuits, police forces have warned that they are still prepared to fine people up to 1500 euros from today for breaching social distancing rules.

Jose Pastor
JOSE PASTOR: Social distancing “essential”

Dr. Redondo admits that although dangerous breaches remain anecdotal, “If those anecdotes multiply we are going to find ourselves with a serious problem, another six weeks at home to achieve the same thing that we have already achieved.”

Along with Dr. Pastor, they propose allowing different hours for young and old from next weekend.

“It is essential that there is family harmony and that parents can take their children for a walk, but we must not fall into the mistake of bringing young and old together on the street,” says Pastor.

Maria Del Mar Masia
DR. MAR MASIA: “Saddened”

Dr. Mar Masía, head of the Infectious Diseases service at the General Hospital in Elche, claims, “the virus is still circulating and everything can happen for an upturn to occur.”

She says, “For doctors, we appreciate the applause and for not saturating emergency departments, but the images on Sunday have saddened us.”

María Ángeles Medina concludes, “We appeal to personal and collective responsibility, common sense, please.”

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