THE Interior Ministry has sent an official notification regarding Mariano Rajoy’s possible infraction for allegedly breaking confinement rules.

Spain’s Former Prime Minister has been under scrutiny since April 14 when, in a video broadcast on La Sexta, he was seen to be walking down a street at a brisk pace near his home in Madrid.

According to reports from La Sexta, the incident wasn’t the first occasion Rajoy had skipped confinement measures.

Spain’s Interior Ministry has since launched an investigation to determine whether Rajoy failed to comply with the Royal Decree of March 14, which prohibits outdoor exercise.

An official letter has been sent by the Interior Ministry to the Government Delegation in Madrid regarding the possible offence committed by the former PP leader.

According to reports from Efe, Policia Nacional have carried out an investigation of the events which has been included in a report with the official letter.

Delegation sources have said that the report has not yet been ‘reviewed’ pending on further proceedings.

The sanctions for this type of infraction could mean a fine of more than €600 euros.

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