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Wanted by Spain’s Interior Ministry: Companies to help incinerate the police’s record drug hauls

SPAIN is one of the main hubs in Europe for the import of cocaine and hashish, meaning that the country’s authorities are constantly making...

Military aeroplane equipment smugglers arrested in Spain with gear destined for Russia

THE Policia Nacional and Tax Agency have arrested two people in the Basque Country for smuggling military aeronautical equipment to Russia- breaching an EU...

UK ambassador releases video explaining next steps for victims of driving licence debacle in Spain

THE UK ambassador to Spain, Hugh Elliott, on Tuesday posted a video on social media that he said, he hopes, is his ‘last update...

Spain has just one police officer for every 60 women at risk of domestic violence

DECEMBER was a black month for domestic violence in Spain, and January has begun in a similarly dark fashion. But despite this apparent crisis,...

Amnesty International slams Spain and Morocco for migrant death disaster in Melilla

AMNESTY International has accused Spain and Morocco of trying to cover up what happened in the enclave of Melilla on June 24 when dozens...

Spain’s Interior Ministry orders police to step up security and counter-terrorism measures over Christmas

SPAIN’S Interior Ministry is to step up security measures over Christmas, in particular in areas where large crowds are expected such as shopping centres,...

Online scams and robberies fuel big rise in Spain’s crime rate after Covid-19 pandemic kept criminals at home

ONLINE scams, thefts, and violent assaults have driven a big rise in Spain's crime rate over the first three months of 2022. Interior Ministry figures...

Catalan president, Pere Aragones, among dozens of separatists hacked by specialist spyware in Spain

A cybersecurity rights group claims dozens of phones belonging to prominent Catalunya independence politicians were hacked by sophisticated spyware. The software is normally available at...

Spain abolishes full COVID-19 vaccination rules for UK children aged 12 and over

SPAIN has scrapped the requirement for children aged 12 and over travelling from the UK to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. The move comes after...

Inked police officers in Spain could soon be forced to get tattoos removed

?? POLICE could soon be rushing to get rid of tattoos ­after Spain's Interior Ministry proposed measures to regulate the appearance of inked officers in...

Spain’s former Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy faces €600 fine for allegedly skipping quarantine as probe continues

Spain’s Former Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy, has been under scrutiny since April 14 for allegedly breaking confinement rules.

Spain vows to send more police officers to combat ‘narcos state’ in Cadiz

Extra police have been drafted in to help ease the strain on existing forces who are struggling to keep up with the drug traffickers.

Spanish coppers to get new powers to monitor potential jihadists

Authorities will keep more detailed records of people booking temporary accommodation across Spain on hotel and short-term rental sites such as Airbnb or Booking.com.

Spain doubles police officers to keep tourists and locals safe amid terror concerns

Spain has not had a terrorist attack since the devastating 2004 Madrid bombings

Spanish authorities bust 8-tonne cocaine haul worth more than €220 million

The US Drug Enforcement Agency and Britain's National Crime Agency also took part in the joint operation

Spanish police arrest 14 for glorifying terrorism on social media

The arrests were made in seven of Spain's 17 regions, including Alicante and Granada

Four ISIS recruiters arrested in Spain

Two men detained in Girona and two in Melilla

Spanish border guards banned from firing rubber bullets

Melilla and Ceuta have seen mass migration attempts from Morocco in recent weeks




Analysis: Why has Spain’s prime minister called snap elections?

SPAIN’S prime minister, Pedro Sanchez, has been famous for taking risky decisions throughout his political career. And most of the time, these decisions have...


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