A SUSPICIOUSLY well-groomed man has led police to bust a clandestine barber operating in breach of Spain’s strict coronavirus lockdown.

Policia Local agents in Toledo spotted the man with a ‘stupendous’ haircut, according to a statement.

They drew two conclusions: either the man is a barber, or someone in the Palomarejos neighbour was breaking the rules.

A quick drive of hairdressers and barbershops in the area led police to an establishment that read ‘closed’, but had an open door.

Police surprised a 39-year-old barber cutting another man’s hair.

They have fined the barber and both clients, aged 26 and 31 – one was fined with his hair half-finished.

The fines will be between €601-30,000, making it a very expensive haircut.

It comes as Spain is due to enter so-called ‘Phase 0’ of a four-step plan to coronavirus de-escalation.

From May 4, customers will be able to get their hair cut with an appointment.

The president of the Toledo Hairdressing Association, Andrés Ronco, said that ‘although many businesses are having a very bad time, this does not justify actions that do a disservice to the sector and society’.

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