GUARDIA Civil agents have rescued a 24-year-old man who fell off his horse in the Valencian Community – and then fined him.

Police were called by the man’s riding partner, who was in a state of extreme nervousness and could barely point agents in the direction of his injured friend.

On a steep hillside, they located the injured man surrounded by blood on a narrow path, in a state of unconsciousness, and with a large six-inch cut on his head.

He was given immediate medical aid before being transferred to Castellon Hospital by helicopter.

Both man had broken coronavirus quarantine rules by going out for a horse ride, for which both were fined according to the state of alarm Royal Decree 463/2020.

SEPRONA environmental police also investigated the livery where the two horses were housed. It lacked administrative permits and a mandatory sanitary programme.

The horses also lacked an Equine Identification Document, a microchip and did not have obligatory vaccines.

Both horse-owner and livery-owner were denounced according to to Royal Decree 804/2011 regulating the zootechnical, health and animal welfare management of equine installations.

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