THE Junta de Andalucia has asked Madrid to allow all eight of its provinces to enter Phase 1 of the deescalation plan on Monday – but for some areas to have additional restrictions. 

If all goes well, from Monday May 11, terraces can open at 50% capacity while people can meet family and friends in groups of up to 10.

But three so-called ‘health districts’ in Malaga and Granada could still see meeting pals, street markets and wakes prohibited due to their higher incidence of COVID-19.

Junta president Juanma Moreno, speaking on the proposal in the regional parliament yesterday, admitted that all provinces meet the requirements to enter Phase 1.

However, due to a noticeably higher coronavirus incidence, the new measures in the Malaga City health district (which includes Rincon de la Victoria), and Granada city and its metropolitan area, will come ‘with conditions.’

These conditions will prohibit meeting up with friends, funerals, wakes, street markets, seminars and open-air events, according to regional health minister Jesus Aguirre.

The other 30 health districts maintained 0 to 9.9 cases per 100,000 over the past 14 days and are set to enter Phase 1 as planned.

The full details of the deescalation plan entering Phase 1 are set to be released this weekend.

The regional government has been careful to protect the Costa del Sol ahead of its proposed opening of beaches on May 25.

It is currently preparing a tourism rescue package in a bid to save some of the summer season from mid-June onwards.

It is for this reason the three health districts in Malaga and Granada will have extra conditions attached to entering Phase 1 on Monday, as leaders don’t want these areas of higher COVID-19 incidence to spoil the reopening of the rest of the Costa del Sol and Granada coastline.

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