SPAIN has announced it is reviewing the hours currently allotted for children to take their daily walks due to the rising temperatures. 

As of now, parents can take children outside between 12pm and 7pm, the hottest time of day.

In a press conference this afternoon, health minister Salvador Illa said the government is now reviewing the time slots, particularly in hotter regions such as Andalucia.

In the likes of Sevilla, the temperatures often don’t drop below 27C between the permitted hours and can reach 32C in the shade.

Illa did not rule out that hours may be changed differently for regions with the higher temperatures, such as Andalucia and Murcia.

Illa said that ‘in some places it is already getting very hot’, adding that he is working with the regions on the possibility of changing the timetables.

Between tomorrow and Saturday it will be revealed which provinces are entering Phase 1 and which are remaining on Phase 0 of the coronavirus deescalation plan.

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