THE number of people fined for breaking coronavirus restrictions in Spain has remained at around 15,000 a day on average.

This continuous civil disobedience takes the country’s tally of financial penalties during lockdown to almost 900,000.

From the announcement of the national state of alarm on March 14 until May 7, 869,537 fines were doled out in total, according to Europa Press.

Meanwhile there were 7,556 arrests made by the Guardia Civil, Policia Nacional and Policia Local during the same period.


This week – as the country entered Phase 0 of deescalation – the lowest daily arrest count so far of 72 was recorded on May 6.

The highest came during Semana Santa on April 11, when 232 people were detained.

This week’s lowest daily fine count was 14,886 on May 4, while the highest was 16,203 on May 7.

However some 20,272 penalties were recorded on May 3, the second permitted day of exercise, with 16,490 the day before on May 2.

As of May 7, the Policia Nacional had arrested 3,482 people, the Policia Local 2,157, and the Guardia Civil 1,134.

During the same timeframe, the Policia Local had handed out 300,437 fines followed by the Guardia Civil’s 255,033 and Policia Nacional’s 236,568.

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