THE Andalucian Government has suggested June 10 as the new date for beaches to open across the region.

In addition, the date of May 25 is the one Juan Marin – Vice President of the region and Minister for Tourism – believes is when movement between the provinces will be permitted.

According to Marin, the entirety of Andalucia will be in Phase 2 by May 25 and travel will therefore be allowed throughout the region.

However, the central Government in Madrid had previously stated that travel between provinces would only be allowed in Phase 3.

In a video conference this morning with representatives from the tourism sector, the 57-year-old referred to June 10 as the date that beaches will be reopened as per the national Government’s plan of opening them in Phase 3.

According to Marin, Andalucia is ready to move to Phase 2 from as early as tomorrow.

He also stressed that he hopes the tourism industry can recover ‘30% or 40% of its normal numbers’, thanks to national tourism, which represents 67% of the tourism the region usually receives.

The sector is estimated to lose 103,000 jobs in the best case scenario due to the pandemic.

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