A MAN has been arrested after he broke lockdown in Andalucia to kill five newborn puppies.

He was swiftly detained in Cadiz as police caught him just after he had beaten the dogs to death.

Guardia Civil officers said he hit a bag with something in it ‘with force’ against the ground.

They claimed he then removed an item from the bag, before trying to hide it and running away.

Officers caught up with him and asked him to show them what was inside the bag.

They were ‘horrified’ when they learned that it contained the bodies of five newborn puppies.

The events took place in the Cañada Amarguillo area of the town of Sanlucar de Barrameda.

The man faces the alleged crimes of ‘animal abuse’ and breaking the State of Alarm regulations, which limit the movements of people and vehicles.

He was taken to the Guardia Civil Sanlucar, before being released and is now awaiting trial.

The Guardia Civil did not reveal the man’s age, nationality or when the events took place.

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