THE Policia Nacional have successfully dismantled a drug ring on the Costa del Sol that used a courier service to transport its drugs to France.

Operation Trevenque was carried out in Calahonda and led to the arrest of three men.

The men are all of French nationality and Arabic origin and are 27, 37 and 41 years old respectively.

The police officers seized 28 kilos of hashish and marijuana, three precision scales, two vacuum packaging machines, four mobile phones, three vehicles and €520 in cash.

The gang used a courier company to send the drugs to France and used false identities in order to confuse the authorities.

Upon realising the police were about to arrest them, they tried to flee the scene in two vehicles carrying narcotics.

One of said vehicles collided with a police car, severely damaging it, but none of the officers inside were injured.

The men have been charged with the crimes of belonging to a criminal organisation, being a danger to public health and causing damages to police property while also putting the safety of officers at risk.

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