TWO women have been arrested in Estepona for hiding drugs in their face masks and bras.

The Policia Nacional stopped a vehicle with a driver and two passengers at a police checkpoint.

The two passengers were found in possession of drugs, with one woman having them stashed in her face mask and the other in her bra.

The drugs seized included marijuana, cocaine and heroin.

The two women were then subsequently arrested on suspicion of belonging to a narcotics ring.

Given the possibility that more drugs could have been stashed throughout the vehicle, the officers called the canine unit for assistance, but no more narcotics were found.

The three women – including the driver who didn’t have any drugs in her possession – have all also been charged with breaking the lockdown rules.

The names and nationalities of the women have not been released, all that is known is that one was aged 35 and the other 40.

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