SPAIN has seen a new low in daily COVID-19 deaths after recording just 87 in the past 24 hours. 

The figure was revealed by Pedro Sanchez during his meeting with regional leaders this morning.

It is the lowest daily death count since March 12, two days before the nationwide lockdown was announced.

Meanwhile, there were 421 new confirmed cases, down from yesterday’s 539.

While weekends tend to have lower numbers before experiencing a rebound in the ensuing week, the figures are much lower than last weekend.

Last Sunday saw 143 deaths and 621 new infections, suggesting that Spain is continuing to flatten the curve despite the lifting of lockdown restrictions.

The positive figures come as Malaga, Granada and Valencia are set to join much of the rest of the country in Phase 1 of the de-escalation plan on Monday.

Other areas, such as three islands in the Canaries and Formentera, will enter Phase 2.

Madrid and parts of Catalunya and Castilla y Leon will remain in Phase 0.

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