CARMEN Calvo has assured that the next state of emergency extension will be the last.

Spain’s Deputy Prime Minister has asked Congress for its support in passing this final extension, assuring them that it’ll be the last one.

In addition, she also stated that regions that are moving faster with the de-escalation measures, can take it upon themselves to end it early, if they so wish.

The Ministry of Health will be the only authority in charge of the new extension and the central Government will not stand in the way of any region that wants to end the state of emergency.

If we take into account that Madrid, Barcelona and parts of Castilla-La Mancha are still not even in Phase 1, that extension could last until July 5 at least.

According to the 62-year-old, the fact that Pedro Sanchez has been seeking the approval of Congress when extending the state of emergency, ‘has not been done anywhere else in the world’.

The Deputy PM emphasised that the state of emergency was brought in, in order to control mobility and contact between people.

The Government however does not have the support it needs to pass the extension through Congress, negotiating with both the Ciudadanos and the ERC in order to get the required votes.


  1. In the 21st century, why did you think it necessary to mention her age? Do you mention Pedro Sanchez’s age each time? Look, I am 70 and male, and you look very young, much too young to have dinasaur attitudes like that.

    Location : Estepona

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