THE Government of Malaga province has announced that it will subsidise 25,000 hotel stays for Spanish healthcare professionals.

The initiative announced yesterday by Margarita del Cid, the province’s Vice President,  includes a budget of €2.5 million.

This amount will be distributed in €100 bonuses for those health professionals who stay in hotels in Malaga for a minimum of three nights.

Del Cid explained that the idea is to start this subsidy programme once people will be permitted to travel between provinces, which is still scheduled to be in Phase 3, June 8.

In the meantime the provincial Government is working on an agreement with local hoteliers in order to start preparations for the proposed initiative.

“It is a great incentive aimed at a group that deserves it and that will surely take this opportunity to get to know our province,” said the Vice-President.

At the same time Del Cid criticises the way in which the de-escalation phases have been implemented. 

“The fact that the criteria is not communicated clearly in order to know if provinces can move from one phase to another, creates unneeded uncertainty.”

She added that despite everything, entrepreneurs from all sectors related to tourism ‘have been doing their part to open in the best conditions possible, ensuring the safety of their staff and that of their customers.’

In addition, she states her regret for the fact that the central Government in Madrid has still not started working with countries such as the UK and Germany – which are responsible for most of the tourism in the area – in order to create ‘secure tourist corridors’.

Del Cid, who is also the Director of Turismo Costa del Sol, said: “If someone believes the tourist season will not go ahead, the provincial Government disagrees with them and has set to work so that Malaga takes advantage of all the opportunities.”

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