SPAIN’S daily COVID-19 death toll has remained below 100 on Tuesday with 83 people killed by the virus in the past 24 hours. 

While individually tragic, the figure is good news in the fight against the disease, remaining under the 100 mark for the fourth day in a row.

While Sunday recorded a low of 59 deaths, there is usually a delay in reporting figures which leads to a spike in the ensuing week.

However today’s figure is still lower than the 87 recorded on Saturday.

It brings the total number of registered coronavirus deaths in Spain to 27,778.

Meanwhile, the number of new cases recorded today is 295, maintaining the significant drop from the 500-plus figures being seen last week.

The total number of confirmed cases in the country is now 232,037.

“The figures show a positive trend,” said director of health emergencies Fernando Simon at the daily press briefing today.

“We know that of the 295 newly confirmed cases, only 17 were from tests taken yesterday.

“The rest of the test results were registered yesterday but were actually taken earlier.”

The figures come 24 hours before prime minister Pedro Sanchez will seek to extend the state of alarm for another two weeks.

The PSOE leader made a pact with the centre-right Ciudadanos party today in a bid to garner enough votes in the Congress of Deputies on Wednesday.

If successful, it means the state of alarm will be extended until June 7, although it may well mean Sanchez will have to seek permission to extend it for the sixth time in another two weeks.

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