A 16-YEAR-OLD boy has been arrested by the police on the Costa del Sol for sexually assaulting a 12-year-old girl.

According to El Mundo sources, the teenager was arrested by Policia Nacional in Marbella on Tuesday and brought before a juvenile court yesterday.

The boy who comes from a wealthy Moroccan family, will have to serve six months in a reform centre for juveniles.

This is the strictest punishment that can be enforced in such a crime and it means that he will have to undergo a rehabilitation programme in order to prevent such actions occurring again in the future.

The 16-year-old argued that the girl had consented to the sexual relationship and that he did not know her real age, thinking she was much older.

The girl on her end denies this and claims that she at no point gave consent for any sexual actions.

The assault according to El Mundo sources allegedly took place in the garden of a house that the two had gone to, after meeting some friends in the park and drinking alcohol.

The arrest occurred once the girl told her family what had happened and they in turn contacted the police.

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