THE number of new COVID-19 cases being reported daily in Spain has stagnated at around 180.

Several small outbreaks across the country have managed to prevent the figure from falling, with 182 new infections counted in the past 24 hours.

Most hail from Madrid (61) and Catalunya (57), and bring the total number of infected to 238,564.

For the first time, the Health Ministry is also reporting the number of health workers who have caught the virus.

It has been revealed today that since May 11, 1,602 medical staff have been infected, 212 of whom were in the last seven days.

Some 644 of those came from health centres such as hospitals while 321 occurred in ‘social health’ centres, including care homes.

There have been 39 COVID-19 deaths in the past seven days, of which two are attributed to the past 24 hours.

Director of health emergencies Fernando Simon told press that that number could be updated due to some lags in reporting data.

Meanwhile in the past week, some 286 people have been hospitalised due to the virus, with 12 entering intensive care.

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