TWO people have been killed in the La Hiniesta region of Spain after an SUV fell from an overpass into the path of a high speed Alvia train.

The accident happened around 4pm yesterday on the Zamora-Ourense in northern Spain.

A report released by the government of Castilla y Leon revealed that an 89-year-old man lost control of his vehicle before falling 10 metres onto the tracks, killing him instantly.

The stricken vehicle was then struck by the 250km/h train, causing the front three carriages to derail and leave the tracks onto the opposite line.

Guardia Civil, Red Cross and Emergencias Sanitarias as well as two medical helicopters rushed to the crash site.

According to the report, the 32-year-old train driver received emergency life saving treatment but was pronounced dead at the scene.

His 55-year-old co-driver was taken to the Virgen de la Concha Hospital in Zamora with a reported broken arm and concussion.

He remains in the ICU in a stable condition.

The Alvia train, operated by Renfe, was complying with state of alarm measures and was at 50% capacity.

The mangled wreckage of the 2013 Santiago de Compostela train crash

None of the 180 passengers were seriously injured but numerous people had to be treated for whiplash, bruising and shock.

Local government delegate Javier Izquierdo has expressed his condolences to everyone involved in the accident and the friends and families of the two victims.

The Minister of Transport, Jose Luis Abalos echoed Izquierdo’s sentiments and added his high praise for the ‘magnificent work’ of the emergency services that attended the scene.

This is the second accident involving an Alvia train in Spain.

In 2013, an Alvia 730 train travelling to Ferrol in Galicia derailed at high speed near Santiago de Compostela after taking a turn nearly three times the appropriate speed.

Some 79 people were tragically killed and 140 injured.

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