THE flamingo colony in Tarragona’s Ebro Delta Natural Park has reached an all-time high this season with 4,303 breeding pairs, the highest number since records began in 1992.

Delta del Ebro Natural Park, the largest wetland in Catalunya, is a paradise for birds.

The most important species in the Delta del Ebro are the flamingos and 2020 has seen them arrive in huge numbers.

The previous record was set more than 10 years ago in 2009, when 3,139 breeding pairs were counted.

The figure, well above the average of 1,524 pairs, was announced this Saturday by the Government.

With an area of 7,700 hectares and an animal population of 70,000 specimens of 300 different species, coexistence between humans and nature has not always been easy.

The four years between 2013 and 2018 saw a fall in breeding pairs due to problems with the yellow-legged gull and the fox.

The successful implementation of control actions aimed at both harmful species has seen a historical recovery in the flamingo breeding pairs.

The ringing of the baby flamingos however, planned for this July, has been suspended due to coronavirus as it requires the participation of some 250 people, including technicians and volunteers.

Bird ringing in Ebro Delta Natural Park. Flamingo. August 2019

The coronavirus outbreak has coincided with the breeding season of many species. And lockdown has seen numerous animals reclaiming what used to be their natural habitat.

Peacocks have invaded the streets of Madrid, a giant eight-metre shark has been spotted prowling the waters off Granada and dolphins in Mallorca are swimming in water once plagued with sewage.

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