ORIHUELA Sports Department will open the five municipal recreational pools on June 27.

V  Ctor Bernab  U

The Councillor for Sports, Victor Bernabeu, announced that the team has been working hard to ‘carry out important tasks of maintenance in municipal sports facilities.’

In addition, the Orihuela  Water Palace has had additional remedial work carried out to make it fit for use, after a number of reported leaks.

The schedule is now in place for June 27, with security and hygiene measures overseen by the relevant sanitary authorities.

The five recreational pools to open are:

  • Water Palace in Orihuela
  • San Bartolome
  • La Murada
  • La Aparecida
  • Torremendo

Bernabeu assured that a further precaution includes ‘the application of two shifts, morning from 10:00am to 2:30pm and another from 3:30pm to 8:00pm.’

Piscina Palacio
OPEN SOON: The Water Palace, Orihuela

Additionally, the sale of tickets online is being encouraged, minimising possible contamination at the box office.

Other social distancing guidelines have yet to be announced, as it is likely the province will be in Phase 3 of Spain’s de-escalation plan by then, and certain restrictions have yet to be determined.

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