MULTIPLE beaches across the Balearic Islands have been closed by police due to citizens ‘failing to adhere to social distancing.’

Four beaches in Mallorca and two in Ibiza were cordoned off to the general public after authorities determined that they had exceeded their capacity.

In Mallorca these included Buguenvil·lea, Oratori, Portals Nous and Cala Comtessa, all located within the municipality of Calvia.

In Ibiza, Benirras and Cala Calonet were shut down, where the latter had held a private party with more than 100 attendees.

However, the most alarming incident took place at the infamous Benirras beach in Sant Joan where more than 200 people descended for a ‘drum party.’

Ibiza beach
PACKED: More than 200 people descended to Benirras beach for a ‘drum party’

Footage of the large gathering soon circulated on social media showing revellers packing the beach without respecting the two metre social distancing rule laid down in Spain’s COVID-19 de-escalation plan.

Complaints from residents quickly drew the attention of the Guardia Civil who were mobilised to shut the party down.

Officers determined that the Phase 2 rules had been breached since the partygoers concentrated in small spaces around the drums without maintaining the obligatory spacing from one another.

In response, the local neighbourhood association of Sant Joan released a statement to ‘condemn the actions of the community.’

It read: “There are deep concerns about what transpired at Benirras beach where more than 200 people disrespected the distancing measures to avoid contagion.

“We call on competent authorities to take preventive measures to avoid any type of agglomeration of people who endanger the health of Ibiza residents and those who want to visit in the near future.”

The plea was listened to with the Guardia Civil and Policia Local announcing that they will bolster up patrols across the island to ensure civilians respect the measures in place to halt the spread of coronavirus.

EXEMPLARY: Beachgoers in Playa de Palma respect the two metre distance ©theOlivePress

This was echoed in Mallorca by Calvia Town Hall which said that police surveillance would be reinforced on all of its 53 beaches.

Controls will be stepped up particularly on isolated coves where informants will be deployed to report any breaches in social distancing.

It comes after Andalucia revealed that it would hire 3,000 unemployed citizens this summer as ‘beach vigilantes.’

The role will see them ensuring the safety of bathers, keeping an eye on social distancing and watching over access points and capacity control where they will report to the Policia Local.


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