THE entire region of Andalucia will pass into Phase 3 on Monday, including Malaga and Granada, it has been announced.

The positive figures that the two Andalucian provinces have been recording recently is the reason why they will be allowed to progress after only spending one week in Phase 2.

Despite lots of rumours and speculation that every province needed to spend at least two weeks in each phase, Pedro Sanchez’s Government never explicitly stated that it was the law, but just a guideline.

The regional Government, in this case the Junta de Andalucia will have all its powers restored, apart from freedom of movement.

Juanma Moreno, President of Andalucia’s regional Government will therefore be the one to decide whether the region stays in Phase 3 for the allotted two weeks, or enters the new-normal earlier or later.

The main difference during Phase 3 is that travel will be allowed between provinces, but that will only be possible once the regional Government requests it from the Madrid Government.

The capacity of bars and restaurants, along with the use of common areas in both shopping centres and hotels, along with funerals and places of worship will all increase during the new phase, with the two metre social distancing rule still in place.

Night clubs however will still not be allowed to open until further notice.

Groups of 20 friends can now meet up, while weddings are allowed to have up to 75 guests indoors and 150 in total.

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