A BEACH in Cadiz has been closed after reaching its maximum capacity as part of the de-escalation process.

Yesterday afternoon at around 5pm, the Policia Local prevented access to the Santa Maria del Mar beach in the city of Cadiz, as the beach’s capacity of 3,648 people had been met, according to El Mundo sources.

Beachgoers were prevented access by the police officers that were stationed throughout the entrances.

This is the first time in the city’s history that people have been stopped from going to the beach due to reaching its capacity, so people were obviously surprised when they were being turned away.

The rest of the city’s beaches, Cortadura, Victoria and La Caleta did not reach their capacity so remained open throughout the whole day.

The Santa Maria del Mar is the smallest of the four beaches in Cadiz and is located outside the city walls.

Local politicians fear that from today, more and more people from Andalucia will flock to Cadiz, overcrowding its beaches even further, as in Phase 3 travel between provinces is allowed.

The President of the Junta de Andalucia, Juanma Moreno also reminded people that we still need to be careful when going to the beach.

“The beach is not going to go, it is going to be there every weekend and there is no need for large crowds”, he said.

“Let’s use our heads. There are things that are common sense.”

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