BELGIAN party Prince Joachim has been fined €10,400 after his jet set lockdown antics were uncovered.

The 28-year-old prince flew to Spain from Belgium, on May 24 to visit his high society Spanish girlfriend, Victoria Ortiz Martinez-Sagrera.

He was supposed to self-isolate for two weeks as per the new rules put in place from May 15, for international travellers.

But instead of self-isolating, he instead attended two bashes in Cordoba before he and another guest tested positive for COVID-19.

First he partied with 11 others at his girlfriend’s family farm, then the next day he joined 15 friends for more revelries.

He has since apologised, saying, ‘I deeply regret my actions’ and that he would ‘accept the consequences.’

His fine will be reduced by half if he pays within 15 days.

Junta officials with the help of the police are still looking to track down all 26 people present at the parties, in order to establish if any of them have caught the virus.

The national government’s sub-delegate in Cordoba, Rafaela Venezuela said: “It’s completely irresponsible, because that number of people multiplied could cause an outbreak and that would mean that Cordoba would have to take a step back in the de-escalation process.”

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