JUNTA de Andalucia President Juanma Moreno, has signed a decree authorising bars and restaurants to increase their interior capacity to 66%.

This is a 16% increase on the decree established by the Spanish Government for Phase 3 of the COVID-19 de-escalation plan.

The Junta however recommends nightclubs not to reopen until the ‘new normal’ is reached, which is expected on June 22.

The increase in capacities of various establishments comes as regional governments regain legislative authority to oversee measures in Phase 3 of Spain’s de-escalation plan.

The new regulations set by the Junta were announced by the Minister of Presidency, Elias Bendodo, after a Governing Council.

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NEW ANNOUNCEMENT: From Elias Bendodo, Minister of Presidency

The opening of nightclubs is permitted in Phase 3 of the plan, but venues are limited to only one third capacity and without the use of the dance floor.

However, the Andalucian Government is against the opening of nightclubs.

‘The Junta does not see the need to open nightclubs until the end of the de-escalation phases,’ Bendodo said.

Outdoor terraces in Andalucia will be permitted to a maximum occupancy of 75%.

Gymnasiums across Andalucia have also reopened in Phase 3, with areas like weight rooms capped at 50% capacity, while swimming pools will operate at 30% capacity.

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