THE number of coronavirus related deaths in Spain has finally been updated after 13 days.

The Health Ministry announced earlier today that the total number of fatalities nationwide due to the pandemic has risen to 28,315.

For the past 13 days that number had remained static at 27,136, while today said number grew by 1,179 deaths.

However, it is important to remember that these figures do not include deaths in care homes.

During the past seven days, 40 people have lost their lives, a decrease of 12 compared to yesterday when it was 52.

Even though the number of coronavirus deaths in the country has been updated, there are still another 13,000 deaths during the state of alarm that are unaccounted for.

Director of Health Emergencies, Fernando Simon said: “I cannot tell what percentage of those 13,000 will in the end be considered deaths due to coronavirus but I can surely say that it will not be a small percentage.”

The number of new patients in Spain in the last 24 hours is 154, rising slightly compared to yesterday when it was 143.

The majority of those cases are in Madrid with 44, followed by Catalunya with 32 and Aragon with 25.

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