THE number of dogs being abandoned in Spain shot up by 25% as the country started its lock down de-escalation.

The Royal Canine Society of Spain (RSCE) reported that about 2,000 dogs were abandoned in May, mostly during the final week as lockdown rules were relaxed.

This was a quarter more than in the same month last year.

ACTION NEEDED: 25% more dogs were abandoned in May.

Spain has one of the worst rates in Europe, with around 140,000 dogs and cats abandoned each year.

The RSCE says that the COVID-19 crisis has made the situation even worse than normal as families struggling with drastically reduced income find they can’t afford to look after their pets.

According to the society, keeping a dog costs an average of €1,350 a year once vet fees, food and other fees are totted up.

The RSCA says that during lockdown many people took on the responsibility of an animal – there was a 50% rise in demand for puppies – without realising the commitment they were letting themselves in for.

Now the organisation wants VAT on vet treatment to be reduced from 21% to 10% and for a scheme to help disadvantaged families pay for animal treatment where necessary.

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