THE number of coronavirus infections in Spain during the last 24 hours has risen for the second consecutive day.

149 new patients have been reported to have caught the virus according to figures from the Health Ministry, 50 more compared to yesterday when that number was 99.

The concerning thing is the fact that two weeks ago, that number was only 40, but now it’s nearly quadrupled.

The majority of these new cases are in Madrid with 40, followed by Andalucia with 21 and Aragon with 20.

That brings the total number of infections nationwide since the outbreak of the pandemic to 249,659.

The number of deaths has dropped slightly in the last 24 hours, with eight today, compared to nine yesterday.

The number of people who have lost their lives due to COVID-19 in the last seven days is 19, one less than yesterday when it was 20.

The majority of these deaths during the past week have been registered in Madrid with seven, followed by Castilla y Leon and the Basque Country both with three.

That brings the total number of fatalities nationwide due to the virus to 28,363.

The number of hospitalisations in the last week has also decreased slightly, with 151 people entering the hospital due to the disease (nine in the ICU), compared to 153 yesterday.

Again, what’s concerning is the fact that two weeks ago that number was 80 and now it’s nearly double that.

That brings the total number of hospitalisations since the crisis began to 125,222 and the number in the ICU to 11,664.

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