MORE than 90% of people who have tested positive for COVID-19 in Andalucia showed no symptoms, health authorities have revealed. 

The figures were revealed at a press conference today, headed by Malaga health representative Carlos Bautista. 

“The virus is out there,” he said, “Just over 90% of the positive tests that come out are from asymptomatic people. 

“They have no symptoms and they are without a doubt contagious.”

Bautista appealed for the public to adhere to health measures, including washing hands, wearing masks and using hand sanitiser when possible. 

“If you have symptoms such as a cough, fever or pressure on your chest, please call health authorities,” he added, “The virus is still here and we cannot be coughing and living normal lives like it doesn’t exist.”

The new data has been taken from the PCR tests carried out across the region since the start of the pandemic. 

People with no symptoms are one of the biggest risk groups in this stage of the pandemic, especially as travel restrictions have been lifted. 

People feeling healthy – and who may be carrying the virus unknowingly – can become lax when it comes to following the health measures. 

They pose a risk of becoming what is known as a super-spreader. 

Indeed they have become the main sources of transmission since the end of the state of alarm, with outbreaks occurring in almost every region. 

Meanwhile, Malaga and Andalucia are at an extra risk due to the influx of international tourists which began on July 1. 

Bautista insisted that anyone experience symptoms of the virus have a PCR test performed. 

He added that the two most concerning outbreaks in Malaga, one in Axarquia and one at the Red Cross, have been stabilised and are ‘totally controlled.’

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