A NEW COVID-19 outbreak has been detected in Andalucia, bringing the total since the end of the state of alarm to 18.

The latest, detected in the past 24 hours, involves 10 new patients in Almeria, bringing the total number of new cases since lockdown ended to 289.

There have been 25 new cases across the region and two further deaths in the past 24 hours, according to the regional health ministry. 

The biggest outbreak continues to be in the Malaga Red Cross centre, with 109 infections. 

Other outbreaks include one in Granada, with 10 infections, Almeria with three, another in Malaga with three, one in Cadiz with 26 cases and another in Lepe in Huelva, with 10 cases.

As of today there are 46 confirmed coronavirus patients receiving treatment in hospitals in Andalucia. 

Eight people are currently in intensive care, one less than yesterday. 

The total number of positive results from PCR testing in the region has risen to 13,338, up by 34 from yesterday. 

The number of recovered patients is now at 15,648, a 24-hour increase of 46. 

According to the Andalucian Institution of Statistics and Cartography (IECA), the total number of confirmed cases in the region since the start of the pandemic is actually 18,163.

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