ANDALUCIA has not ruled out making the wearing of masks obligatory following a string of fresh COVID-19 outbreaks.

Junta president Juanma Moreno told journalists in Guadix today that the measure must always remain ‘on the table’ in case the epidemiological circumstances demand it.

It comes after the Balearic Islands announced today that mask use will be mandatory from Monday.

But Moreno said the new outbreaks in the region are ‘very controlled’ and have been ‘reduced’.

“We are somewhat calmer but we are still concerned and remaining on top of things during the pandemic,” he said.

Moreno assured that the Junta will remain ‘very aware’ of the evolution of the outbreaks in the coming weeks and months before making a decision on mask use.

“In my opinion it is not an idea that should be discarded,” he said, “you have to have it on the table, as we have seen in some areas of Spain, especially Catalunya.”

In terms of bringing in localised lockdowns, the Partido Popular leader said that for the moment ‘it is not necessary’, but did not rule it out.

“The decisions that we have to adopt to prevent and avoid the spread to wider Andalucia are going to be taken, whatever the cost and however painful it is,” he vowed.

He added that ‘hundreds and hundreds’ of PCR tests have been carried out in connection to the outbreaks and that ‘there have been no more contagions.’

“But we will be very aware of developments and if the decision were to be made, let no one doubt that we will make it,” he stressed.

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