POLICE in Mallorca have handed out dozens of fines to both British holidaymakers and local businesses for flouting the COVID-19 restrictions.

On the orders of the Balearic Government, spot checks were carried out over the weekend by the Policia Local and community inspectors across the island.

This resulted in a total of 24 bars being handed a fine for breaking the government rules under the ‘new normality.’

Infringements included exceeding the set capacity, a lack of social distancing among clients and a failure to wear face masks by staff.

These establishments will now have to pay a fine of between €3,000 and €300,000, the latter for the most serious violations.

ROWDY: The Punta Ballena strip in Magaluf

Meanwhile, locals and holidaymakers were slapped with more than 50 on-the-spot fines for failing to adhere to the rules enforced to halt the spread of infection.

This included a group of British and German tourists who converged on the popular Punta Ballena strip in Magaluf in the early hours of Saturday morning.

LADS: Young Brits singing football chants and jump on a car in Magaluf

Footage shows the revellers, suspected to be under the influence of alcohol, crowding closely together on the street.

They can be seen and heard singing and dancing, and a handful then jump onto a parked car.

In response to the ‘mayhem’ President Francina Armengol has asked for ‘maximum responsibility’ from civilians as the virus is ‘still living among us.’

It comes as the mandatory use of face masks came into force today across the Balearic Islands as well as in Andalucia from Wednesday.

The new ruling means that any tourist or local must wear the personal protective gear in all public spaces, with the exception of beaches, swimming pools while practising sport and eating or drinking.

Those caught not wearing a mask will face a fine of €100 regardless of whether or not they are maintaining a two-metre social distance.


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