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Spain’s population could halve by end of century while African countries’ soar, says US study


A RECENT study has revealed that Spain’s population is expected to halve in 80 years while those in African countries such as Nigeria and Kenya will explode.

The Lancet, a leading medical journal in the US announced the shocking findings after researching birth and death rates across the globe.

According to the study, by 2064 the world’s population will peak at 9.7 billion, but will steadily decline thereafter to 8.8 billion by 2100.

The dramatic reduction is down to a number of key factors in the modern world, including birth control and education.

The decline in population will be predominantly down to a decrease in birth rate in developed countries such as Spain.

Modern contraceptive methods and an increase in the education of women, teamed with greater ambition shown by women in the workplace will all be catalysts to a reduction in pregnancies.

“This important research charts a future we need to be planning for urgently,” explains Dr Richard Horton, editor in chief of The Lancet.

Spain is among 23 countries that are expected to experience up to a 50% decline in population, which will necessitate a more liberal approach to immigration from lesser developed countries such as Africa and the Arab region.

In recent years, these countries appear to be countering the falling birth rates in the western world by increasing in population thanks to falling death rates and the rising number of women at child-bearing age.

Niger for example, is expected to see its population increase by 764% by 2100.

Professor Ibrahim Abubakar, from University College London told Sky News: “If the Lancet’s predictions are even half accurate, then migration will become a necessity for all nations and not an option”.

The Lancet’s predictions will also affect the global working age.

Over-80s will soon outnumber under-fives thanks to increases in medical treatments and this will affect the average age of the workforce.

According to Lancet’s predictions, this will slow the economies of countries like Spain, the US and China down which will open the door to countries like Nigeria and Saudi Arabia to thrive.

“The study offers a vision for radical shifts in geopolitical power, challenges myths about immigration, and underlines the importance of protecting and strengthening the sexual and reproductive rights of women. The 21st century will see a revolution in the story of our human civilisation,” concludes Dr Horton.

James Warren

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  1. Your effort here has left out many basic facts.
    Immigration is not a foregone conclusion. Japan for example is moving to robotics to compensate for their aging and shrinking population. China will be brutalized and research shows China could take every available immigrant in the world 25 years from now and still not have enough workers to support their aged population following their one-child policy.
    You use Niger as an example of population explosion in coming decades. However. you leave out 2/3 of Niger is already desert and the country’s population is already living with severe and regular crises from food shortages, regular droughts, and all that will only get far worse for a mid-continent continent (the world’s largest continent) facing climate change just over a thousand miles from the Equator.
    So how Niger’s population increases over seven times when they are already on the edge of survival on a planet that will only make life much harder in the future makes no sense.
    Finally, as this pandemic shows, lives in places like Niger are extremely vulnerable to mass deaths from a pandemic on a scale we only read about in fantasy books.
    So, yes, humanity is in for some massive blows to our numbers. And yes we are bringing all this upon ourselves. Clearly, as places like Spain suffer more and more from basic changes to their available resources (Water!) from climate change the geography’s ability to accept even the population they have now will be a significant challenge and perhaps even impossible because magic pill solutions like solar powered desalination plants don’t change everything.
    The human population on Earth is in for some severe chocks and adjustments and your political arguments here disguised as science simply sticks your head in the sand about what is really coming for Spain, and the rest of the world. There is every indication that places like Niger, similar to other midcontinent places like Wisconsin in the USA, will simply be unlivable b y the end of the century. The water wars on the African continent have already begin to form.
    Good luck!

    Location : Many Basic Facts Left Out
  2. You are right bump. gaia is infested with nits. The nits are us. We use herbicide against our “enemy” plants. Insecticides against our “enemy” bugs. Looks like covid will be OUR humanicide.
    Here’s a m***f*** Is there a future? What is it’s shape?

    Location : malaga

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