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Spain’s Costa Blanca reaches highest population in a decade

ALICANTE Province's population has risen by 19,832 over a year according to figures from the National Statistics Institute(INE). The total- based on municipal padron registrations-...

Population growth in Malaga province sees over 21000 new inhabitants—exceeding the 1.7 million mark

THE province of Malaga has gained more than 21,000 inhabitants in 12 months and now exceeds the 1.7 million mark according to the National...

Ukrainians almost overhaul British as largest foreign group in multi-national city on Spain’s Costa Blanca

THE number of registered Ukrainians has increased substantially in Torrevieja since the start of the year, due to Russia's invasion of the country in...

Vox wants casual sex crackown in Spain

BY Livia Cockerell CASUAL sex and the ‘hypersexualisation’ of society is to blame for the the countries low birthrate, so says Juan Garcia-Gallardo, Vox’s deputy...

Marbled Duck quacks back in Spain with much-needed population rise

SPAIN'S Marbled Duck population is bouncing back after serious concerns about its decline. Falling numbers in the 2010s led to the official declaration of the...

Spain’s population drops during coronavirus pandemic for first time in four years

SPAIN'S population decreased for the first time in five years during 2020 with drop blamed on deaths caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Preliminary figures released...

Fuengirola is fourth largest municipality in province of Spain’s Malaga

FUENGIROLA now has the fourth largest population in the province of Malaga. For the first time ever the municipality has exceeded 80,000 registered residents. With...

Spain’s population could halve by end of century while African countries’ soar, says US study

A RECENT study has revealed that Spain's population is expected to halve in 80 years while those in African countries such as Nigeria and...

Spain among most densely populated countries in Europe, says new study

At first glance, Spain has a very sparse population, as little as 93 people per square kilometre

Spain’s population grows thanks to influx of immigrants

AN influx of immigrants has helped Spain's population grow for the second year in a row.  The number of people in Spain increased by 132,263...

New focus on food exports as Spanish population reducing

SPAIN’S food industry is ramping up exports in a bid to counter the country’s shrinking population. Since 2012, the number of citizens has been...

Almeria has youngest population in Spain

The average age of the province is just 39.6 years

Brits drastically boosting population of struggling yet award-winning Frigiliana village

FOREIGNERS are drastically boosting the population of a struggling yet award-winning pueblo blanco. Brits, Morrocans, Germans and French are among the extranjeros who make up...

Spanish deaths exceed births in 2015 as youth head abroad for work

Age concern - Spain now has the world’s 10th oldest population

Spain’s British population booms

Britons in Spain are growing in number and bucking the general trend

Women outnumber men by over 21,000 in Malaga

And the trend continues along the Costa del Sol

Spanish government under fire for failing poverty-stricken children

Planned funds are just 0.18% of what is really needed





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