MORE than three tonnes of hashish and seven specially-adapted speedboats have been seized in a combined police operation on the Costa Blanca.

A total of 15 arrests were made just as the gang was plotting to introduce the drugs across Alicante and Murcia, using two trucks and five cars.

SEIZED: High-speed boats in Santa Pola storage

Investigations began in February when an unmanned speedboat carrying three tonnes of hash was found adrift some 40 miles off the coast of Torrevieja.

Authorities towed its remains ashore, finding links to a well-known drug trafficker based in the Levante area.

Five floating bales of hash were intercepted after falling from the boat.

Added to the 84 bales still onboard, the total weight of the haul was 3,357kg (3.35 tonnes).

Although the gang responsible was identified, there were no arrests until May, when four members were detained after being caught transporting another boat towards the coast.

Drugs Smugglers
ARRESTS: In total, 15 detained

Another 11 were arrested in June, when their base in Santa Pola was traced and raided.

Another boat was found, mounted on a truck’s semi-trailer, loaded with 119 fuel containers, two high-powered outboard engines, and enough food for the crew to survive in coastal waters for several days.

Five of the gang have already been jailed by the Investigating Court number six of Alicante, with the rest awaiting sentence.

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