SOME 60 students and teachers from a Malaga secondary school have been forced to self isolate as a student awaits for their COVID-19 test result.

A student from the Al-Baytar Secondary School in Benalmadena is awaiting the results from the PCR test as a strong link was established between the school and a recent outbreak in the city.

A source close to the case explained to EFE that the child in question is a close relative to one of the employees of the Malaga based travel company that currently records 27 COVID-19 cases.

As a precaution, anyone linked to the student has been ordered to stay at home while they process the results of the PCR tests.

Of those quarantined are six groups of 10 students and teachers.

The company in question, Ocio Hoteles, registered 27 cases on Monday, and are currently under investigation for potential breaches of COVID-19 health and safety measures.

Employees returned back to work yesterday to their Galia offices with minimal disruption to operations, and with the majority of work spaces in the building still occupied.

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